Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mumbai Real Estate Developers Struggle to Survive

Mumbai property price are seeing a price correction in the recent months. Both, the residential rental and capital market in Mumbai have witnessed a price amendment. There has been a 70 per cent dip in Greater Mumbai, whereas South Mumbai and suburbs are reported to have seen a 10-15 per cent correction.

The main reason cited by the industry experts for the slowdown in Mumbai property market is that, a number of local factors and main features are common in the city's distant suburbs.

According to Mumbai real estate agents, developers are wary of being lost in the muddle of look-alike offerings in the real-estate market, so they are coming up with innovative ideas to sustain.

With a view to combat the above situation a section of leading Mumbai real estate developers is trying to carve out a niche by personally attending to the needs and requirements of each and every customer.

Also, miffed by the fall in bookings and stumpy transactions, Mumbai Real Estate Builders have now come up with a range of freebies. To attract buyers the developers are willingly bearing the stamp duty and registration charges them self.

Although there are customers looking to buy an apartment in Mumbai the prices are way too high. Despite the fact that property shows in the city are attracting large number of visitors, the bookings are not as inspiring. All across Mumbai, developers have reported a slump in bookings, research reports. Indeed, faced with crash crunch, very recently real estate major Unitech Ltd has sold 50 per cent stake in its Santa Cruz project in Mumbai to Lehman Brothers real estate partners for $175 million, media sources.

However, on the commercial front the demand for office space in the Mumbai is still enormous. The well-developed buildings still command high prices. Moreover, the state has granted additional floor space index (FSI), in the suburbs. This is expected to improve on the status of the old housing societies for redevelopment.