Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Penal Provisions Against illegal Colonizers on Cards

The Municipal Commissioners of Madhya Pradesh cities, in a meeting held in state capital Bhopal on March 18, suggested the State government that penal provisions should be made to ensure strict action against illegal colonizers in urban areas.

They should be blacklisted and their names displayed on the websites of the concerning municipal corporations, said Nikunj Shrivastava, Bhopal Municipal Commissioner, adding that common people should be cautioned against such colonizers.

State Minister for Urban Administration Narottam Mishra and State Finance Minister Raghavji were present at the meeting. Mishra said responsibility of the concerning Municipal Commissioners and the officers in charge of the colony cell should be fixed to prevent illegal colonies in the cities.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Investor Unaffected of Goa Real Estate Controversy

NGOs or some residents may be opposing real estate development in Goa, but the fact is that their protest has hardly made any impact on the investor sentiment, developers building properties in Goa say. The argument that commercial development will affect Goa's ethnic culture does not hold water.

You see other beach-capitals of the world like Mauritius, Seychelles, Bahamas and so on and you will find a hell lot of commercial development there. In my view, it is some groups that have vested interests in it, a developer said, adding that "there are a number of properties that were occupied by people after the Portugal handed over Goa to Indian government and those people may now be concerned while the property markets get organised in the state."

Friday, March 7, 2008

Beaches, Beaches and Beaches

Goa real estate market is all about beach side villas. According to property consultant Sunil Chheda of Fair Deal Properties,” The going rate for the sea side villas is anything between Rs 5-10,000/sq ft. these are typically built on a land area of 1-2 acres with a built up area of not less than 7,000 sq ft. It can be more or less depending upon customer’s taste and needs. They are build according to their personal style and preferences.”

However, not every beach can have sea side villas. The beach should have an even terrain and not a mountainous one. It should facilitate adventure sports and water sports activities and not a rough rocky terrain. These villas are especially found in North Goa. Please add on if you have some more information on the region..

India, a Golden Bird

What is common between KP Singh and Donald Trump? Real estate, of course. But what is noticeable is the kind of difference this Indian man has made over his American counterpart.

The DLF Chief Singh has left Trump Group founder Trump far behind. In the latest ‘World’s Richest’ list released by Forbes magazine, Singh has emerged up as eight richest man in the world with his personal corpus stands at $30 billion, which is 10 times more than the $3 billion empire of US-based real estate tycoon Trump.

To the other end, if we combine the corpuses of Mukesh Ambani, who is 5th richest man in the world with $43 billion, and Anil Ambani’s $42 billion, Ambani family is far rich than world’s richest man Warren Buffet, whose personal worth is calculated at $62 billion. Who says India was a golden bird?

Here’s the Forbes list:
1. Warren Buffett (US): $62 billion
2. Carlos Slim (Mexico): $60 billion
3. Bill Gates (US): $58 billion
4. Lakshmi Mittal (India): $45 billion
5. Mukesh Ambani (India): $43 billion
6. Anil Ambani (India): $42 billion
7. Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden): $31 billion
8. KP Singh (US): $30 billion
9. Oleg Deripaska (Russia): $28 billion
10. Karl Albrecht (Germany): $27 billion