Monday, January 19, 2009

Gurgaon Real Estate - Slump Continues

Gurgaon properties have seen a vital growth in the city's development, thanks to Gurgaon real estate builders. The DLF Group is one of the foremost real estate development companies of India that have majorly contributed in the development of Gurgaon. The company is widely known for the development of both commercial and residential projects in Gurgaon.

However, the Gurgaon real estate developers are also facing a certain challenge like their counterparts in other parts of the country. Those economic drivers that form the basic spinal chord for running the property business, are facing a downward trend. This is the major reason currently that has further resulted in pushing down the demands for buying of property.

The current trends disclose that there is apparently a clear drop in the interest of property purchase by the end users. There seems to be no sign of recovery at least for the next one year, claims a local broker based out of Gurgaon. This is the reason why real estate in Gurgaon is undergoing a lull.

According to a market survey, more than one-third of the residential units in the newly constructed projects in Gurgaon are lying vacant. However, the Gurgaon Real Estate Developers do not disclose this fact to dissuade the buyers.

But the positive side is that all those who are really interested in buying property in Gurgaon can go ahead and negotiate with the real estate agents at Gurgaon.A lot will depend on your negotiating skills is so go ahead and take a chance. Gurgaon properties are waiting of you.