Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it Wise to Invest Property Now?

The markets world over are stagnating. Indian property market, too, is facing the heat. Property prices have stabilised to some extent. Property analysts still say that the markets will see a vibrant phase in next six months and hence this is the best time to buy property in India.

Market analysts predict that property prices will take off in some time and thus property is a good investment at this point of time. Do you also feel so? Will you invest your surplus funds in the property market now, or wait for better market conditions?

Real Estate Fund

Milestone announced Rs 600 crore private equity find for Indian property segment. The details for this fund are being worked out.

Recently, Donald trump Jr. announced that he will soon float a real estate fund for Indian market. His fund is valued at US$1 billion. He is looking for an Indian partner for this venture, possibly a renowned business family.

Do these developments ring bells for a stagnant market? Do you think that these developments spell good news for Indian market?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Emotional Evaluation of Property Buyers

Many times, while house hunting, a family or an individual tends to fall in love with the property and ends up purchasing it. A research shows that buyers actually buy houses based on their emotions.

Once a buyer has chosen what to buy, they put their logic skills around the property and looks for reasons why it is a good decision. Brokers or contractors will try to sell you the property based on your emotional reactions for a particular property that you intend to buy. But there are always unexpected expenses and delays on such types of projects.

Do you agree with this kind of evaluation on property buying? Do share in your comments.

Green Homes More Popular than Conventional Homes

An online survey by US-based Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company revealed that affluent individuals are interested in replacing heating, cooling and electricity systems with green materials. Respondents have shown interest in energy saving practices like recycling, reusing articles.

In India too, property developers like Hiranandani Group and Lodha Group have ventured into the green buildings arena. Hiranandani Group has announced that all their commercial buildings will be leeds certified.

Would you prefer a green home over a conventional home? Do you practice any energy saving tips at home? Share with us.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can Green Buildings Become Popular in India?

Mumbai-based Lodha Group announced a green building project at Kanjur Marg recently. With this, Lodha Group joins the bandwagon of other private property developers who are developing green buildings in India. Hiranandani Group, K Raheja Corp and RMZ Corp have already launched green construction at various part of the country.

Green buildings usually involve an incremental cost of 7-10 % over traditional buildings. This may become a hindrance for small developers who want to build energy efficient buildings.

Have your say – Do you think Indian developers can embrace green building concept, overlooking the financial burden? Share your opinion with us.