Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where the Indian property markets heading for…?

Hello friends!!!

As we see that property markets are at unbelievable heights in India, especially properties in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are commanding incredible numbers. Property values are soaring like anything...In fact speculative investments in the sector has charged up property prices in a superfluous manner, most of the times.

Each and every investor expects windfall gains on his real estate investments within a short period of time, and perhaps that is why, the intrinsic value of properties is manipulated by several times…

Expectations of landlords also are touching skies. Today, rental values for commercial properties in Delhi’s Khan Market and Connaught Place, at Rs 400-Rs 490 per sq. ft a month are more than 50% higher than a much-advanced city of Manhattan. Similar is the case with Mumbai commercial properties, where property prices are even more than London!!!

After all where the Indian property markets are heading for…is it a boom or a way towards recession…?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Home loan interest rates in India

The RBI has again increased the CRR this time. Last time when it did so, the home loan rates in India had hardened and most of the people cancelled their home buying plans.

So should we expect that banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI etc that slashed their home loan interest rates recently will take a back track…? Actually, I have plans for buying house in Delhi and was looking for some comfortable option but not sure which way to go!!!

Should I start looking for financing options right away? Or should I wait for some more time for prices/home loan rates to stabilize..?

Also, what is the price bracket that will get the best rates?

If anyone knows about the matter, please advice.