Friday, March 7, 2008

India, a Golden Bird

What is common between KP Singh and Donald Trump? Real estate, of course. But what is noticeable is the kind of difference this Indian man has made over his American counterpart.

The DLF Chief Singh has left Trump Group founder Trump far behind. In the latest ‘World’s Richest’ list released by Forbes magazine, Singh has emerged up as eight richest man in the world with his personal corpus stands at $30 billion, which is 10 times more than the $3 billion empire of US-based real estate tycoon Trump.

To the other end, if we combine the corpuses of Mukesh Ambani, who is 5th richest man in the world with $43 billion, and Anil Ambani’s $42 billion, Ambani family is far rich than world’s richest man Warren Buffet, whose personal worth is calculated at $62 billion. Who says India was a golden bird?

Here’s the Forbes list:
1. Warren Buffett (US): $62 billion
2. Carlos Slim (Mexico): $60 billion
3. Bill Gates (US): $58 billion
4. Lakshmi Mittal (India): $45 billion
5. Mukesh Ambani (India): $43 billion
6. Anil Ambani (India): $42 billion
7. Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden): $31 billion
8. KP Singh (US): $30 billion
9. Oleg Deripaska (Russia): $28 billion
10. Karl Albrecht (Germany): $27 billion

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